Ireland – Open For Business

There seems to be an awakening, a change in awareness and perception of the cost. It’s good to see and most of all it’s fundamentally declaring Ireland is open for business and is competitive.

We have recently returned from a familiarisation trip to Dublin and its surrounding areas organised by Tourism Ireland and like other event organisers on the visit we were pleasantly surprised not just at the competitive prices but also at the positive attitude to doing business.

This is after all an island of entrepreneurs. A place where family owned doesn’t mean in need of investment, as in most of the UK, but instead is likely to mean a property that has received substantial investment in the last five years and a business now looking to do a deal to try to achieve a return.
This is the place where, or so it feels, everybody knows everybody. And all it takes to make something happen-almost anything to happen- is to find the right person to ask.

This is the Island that may have taken some time shrugging off its poverty but once it did, bot there was no stopping it.Until now. There is no denying that the recent worldwide economic downturn has hit Ireland hard.

David Boyce, Deputy Director Tourism, based in London, says “Business is tight. Things are tough-hence we at Tourism Ireland will do everything we can do to facilitate business”.

This is a place that has always offered some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery combined with its most hospitable people but it also now offers some of the most sophisticated and stylish venues. The level of investment in hotels and meetings industry infrastructure in the past five years has been truly staggering and organisers and now spoilt for choice. Rates inevitability crept up when business was good but now the Irish need event business and there are some amazing deals to be done.

Ireland still offers all the warmth, friendliness and hospitality that it always has. From the smile of a doorman to the helpful receptionist. All combined with the enthusiasm and can-do attitude that makes Ireland such a pleasure to do business in.

We look forward to September and the opening of the new Dublin Convention Centre, a world class conference venue  with a capacity of 8000 delegates  and the latest technical av systems, supported by a huge choice of hotels providing  competitive rates and excellent food. It looks like Dublin will be the place to host your next significant conference.

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